Jake Bugg, Scott Bugg, Rory Black at the Warehouse in Wakefield

September 27th, 2014

by Jon Buck

jake with his cousin scott bugg and rory black of the band The Swiines

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grant and jake 

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Southern Man (Neil Young Cover)
Jake Bugg
578 plays



Jake covering Southern Man during soundcheck (6/20/14) x

freelancing on the lyrics :P

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Anonymous said:
do you think that jake will come out at all to meet fans with his black keys concerts?


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Anonymous said:
Do you think Jake's comments on contemporary music are arrogant?

Nah they are his opinions and he makes vaild points about them, jake speaks the truth and they dont want to hear that.

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Anonymous said:
The topics in articles about Jake Bugg are always the same: One Direction, Mumford & Sons, Cara Delevingne and Jake's dislike of contemporary music. They write about this stuff since early 2013. Why don't they write about something else, for example about his music?? It's f*cking annoying!

They just need something interesting for the head lines so him bashing anyone makes a story and hanging out with a world famous model too. Its just stupid i know.

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Anonymous said:
The Sunday Times article sucks. They mention this old One Direction, Mumford & Sons and Cara crap once again and they portray Jake as a miserable twat who moans about everything. Sad, just sad.

Definitely sad.

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Anonymous said:
what do you think about the difference in the production of first and second albums? people are having a whole discussion on jennifer's tumblr (thejakebuggexperience) they're saying a lot about rick rubin putting big name musicians on the songs, but they are too loud/distract from jake, and that the first album used reverb on jake's voice, but that rick rubin is on record as not willing to use reverb.

I agree including on the reverb thing, first thing i noticed when i heard ricks mixes.

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Anonymous said:
Hi! I've been out of the tumblr world for a whle but I've been hearing omething about a jake biography. Do you know anything about this? Thanks

yeah unathorized biograghy was pushlished a while back, i wouldn’t bother with it though

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Anonymous said:
What do you think are the chances of meeting jake at his support arena gigs for the black keys?

Not likely sorry

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Anonymous said:
As english is not my native language i was just wondering if "down on all fours" from kitchen table has any other meaning a part from the obvious one.. thanks! ♥ your blog

No i dont think so considering the story, thanks so much!!!

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Jake Bugg won't settle in Nottingham due to robbery fears



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